Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blogger & WordPress & Website Oh My

Well I'm in the process of connecting the platforms together that I have worked with 

Blogger has some features that work better than WordPress & a Website has some advantages 

I am an intermediate tech-savvy person so I play around with a lot of things but I'm not expert enough to try to force one format to act like another one. My answer is to use each one for those items that are easiest to do & just connect them via links.

Might make it a bit bulky for a "site" but for now it is the easiest way to do this little project of mine.

My rant for today is that in some ways I like how Google has connected everything but I would prefer to keep some things separate & that is why I'm not 100% happy with Blogger & YouTube but I've got too much to do to struggle fighting with it or getting fully into alternatives